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Eeek! Haven't updated the old blog in a while- When we last posted the Use-Ta! store was still a mess of smelly old carpet and dingy green walls. We're now officially open and have created a lovely space to browse and play. We have had a great response to the consignment concept and have had some great items brought in for resale in particular for baby boys and girls. We also now stock Green Toys from California -they're made of recycled milk bottles and are heaps of fun! We'd love you to come and check out the store!  

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Use-Ta! Begins

Use-Ta! is almost ready to begin!Final negotiations are under way to lease our very own shop in Northcote, the web-store is almost up and running and beautiful inventory is stacked on every available surface of my lounge room and laundry. Can't wait until it's out of my home and into the shop! We have treasures just waiting to find new kids to wear them and a beautiful store in our imaginations ready to be built. All we need now is the green light and it's go, go, go!Stay tuned for progress photos!

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