Handmade Booties


Welcome to our collection of handmade booties! Each pair is lovingly crafted by hand, ensuring that every stitch and detail is perfect. Give your feet the comfort and warmth they deserve with our cozy and stylish handmade booties. Perfect for a night in or a casual day out. Charcoal, excellent condition, good size for 0-6m.


SKU: 263536

Our preloved items are selected with love to make sure they are of high quality. Every effort is made to describe any faults with the item as well as notes about the size and fit. Garments are listed as per the manufacturer's tag.

Please refer to the key below for an explanation of the garment condition rating:

New with tags: garment is in original condition and has the manufacturer's tags attached
Excellent: garment may have been washed or worn, but doesn't show any signs of wear
Very good: garment has been washed and worn and may show some signs of wear, such as mild pilling or slight wash-fade
Good: garment has obviously been washed and worn, and may have faint stains, mild pilling or be slightly stretched
Play: garment has obviously been washed and worn quite a lot, there may be some marks or stains, pilling or fabric may be stretched