Accepting your new and emerging body shape when you’re pregnant can be such a challenge! Some days you feel as big as a whale and couldn’t possibly face wearing any clothes, let alone finding something in your wardrobe that actually fits.
If you’re pregnant or wondering how to dress with a bump, here are some ways that you can be a savvy shopper, stay within your budget and still feel stylish! 

Room to grow

Look for clothes that can grow with your bump. These will be a savior when it comes to your back pocket. Choose something with a bit of stretch, or that can be adjusted as you grow such as a wrap dress.


You maybe wondering what the heck to wear whilst this baby is growing inside you, but what about if you’re pregnant across seasons, or thinking that there may be a number two, three or more to follow? You can’t guarantee that your bump will be the same size during the same season!
If you’re looking for a budget friendly solution, consider layers as your style go-to. For example, a short sleeve wrap or stretchy dress can be worn with leggings and oversized cardigan in cooler months.

Staple pieces

Choose a few pieces that will anchor your wardrobe. This may be a black dress that stretches with you, a cardigan or kimono that can effortlessly compliment your bump or a pair of shorts or pants that can be teamed with an array of tops.
Kate Freebairn of SouthWest Mums loves her Mummy Couture kimonos for a fashion statement that says style and ease. “With a newborn to feed and a 5 year old to get ready for school, not to mention a 3 year old thrown in for good luck, I just need something that’s quick and easy to throw on, yet still makes me feel put together.”
Finding your perfect staple pieces will allow you to maximise the use of the rest of your wardrobe. It also means that you can buy a few cheaper items that you can mix and match to create entirely different outfits!

Think about post pregnancy

Bonus points if your purchases can take you beyond pregnancy! The loose cardigan or kimono is a great accessory when you’re breast feeding and anything with stretch will still see you through the post partum period as your body slowly readjusts.
Many of my friends have loved Jean West jeans as a great option that doesn’t break the budget, yet looks great with a range of tops to suit your own style.

Utilise preloved

A cost effective way to be able to wear quality maternity brands is to borrow from other friends and family or find second hand pieces that suit your style and stage of pregnancy. Consignment stores like Use-Ta! often have a great range of maternity wear that has barely been worn. 
Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean feeling frumpy or sporting clothes resembling sacks! It also doesn’t mean losing your usual sense of style. If your statement piece is usually a scarf, bold jewellery or colourful tops, there is no reason to stop just because you’ve got a baby on board.
If you’re sporting a new bump then come and see us at Use-Ta! as we are now accepting and selling maternity wear. Check our website for the brands that we are accepting as well as how you can sell with us. We can’t wait to see you and your bump in store!
February 13, 2019 — Kiri Gorter

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