This week we spoke with Doan from Little Organics about all things natural and organic for kids.
Like many women, Doan started her business after her first child came along. Spurred on by her son’s milk and egg allergy which was diagnosed when he was eight months old, she became more conscious of the ingredients in food. This research also lead to her understanding the effects of fertilisers, plasticisers and anything that had the word carcinogenic in it.
Through Little Organics, Doan hopes to use this research and knowledge to save time for families. “I have found we don't need to use mainstream products just because they are there and convenient. There are many options out there if we look a little harder. I prefer minimise the risks to my children and family where I can, and I hope that by bringing it together in one place at Little Organics, I have made this process easier for other parents to do the same.”
Doan has grown her online store which started as an “extension of her pantry” into a new store that she opened in Preston, Victoria this year. The space is a welcoming, tranquil place that she can facilitate workshops to help educate and inspire parents, as well place where families can come to learn and hang out together.
“My workshops are designed to facilitate bonding, connection and wellbeing for us mamas whilst learning something new to help us through this parenting journey. I love using Little Organics to spread love, kindness and to build healthy little children who will grow up to be wonderful humans. A bit of a dream possibly - but I am a Pisces!”
It’s obvious that Little Organics is a passion for Doan. The products stocked in store reflect what her family has needed as they have grown. From nursery, to teething, food, lunch boxes as well as products for adults like essential oils and glass coffee cups. “I get excited about the brands out there making a difference and creating such beautiful products that we can use 'instead' of. I hope that my journey helps other families too.”
No matter what stage of parenting you are at, Little Organics has a solution for you. Doan hopes to remove the myths around natural choices, even down to how you set up your nursery and so that you can provide the best start possible for your newborn. “We don't want to scare people but once you are informed about alternatives, you will realise how your choices can affect your family’s health. I actually wished I could have known this right from the start with my first child.“
Doan understands that parents can become overwhelmed when faced with all the choices available to them. She suggests taking one step at a time and a great place to start is to switch to organic for the ‘dirty dozen’.
By also switching to more natural alternatives, she believes “it opens the door to more manufacturers and suppliers going back to more natural ways of providing us our meals, clothes and products and it also brings the prices down overall. Supporting stores and small businesses and using your money to make choices on what you buy really makes an impact. Since I've started my business, I've seen how much organic prices have gone down, just because there has been a demand for them and that's great for all of us!”
If you'd like to learn more about Little Organics you can visit them at their brand new store at 14B Gilbert Road Preston or shop online at For inspiration and ideas on how you can make a difference to your family’s health, follow Little Organics on Facebook and Instagram.
November 11, 2018 — Kiri Gorter

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