Use-Ta! is all about getting beautiful clothes out of your child’s wardrobe (or those storage tubs in the shed) and getting them back out there to find new little people to love them but it can be really hard to part with some things!

Mari Kondo fanatics and decluttering experts extol the virtues of de-cluttering, thanking items for their service and then letting them go and for the most part we follow this advice at home. As soon as something is too small out it goes- if it’s in fabulous condition and ready for a new home I sell it at Use-Ta! (both of my kids have their own accounts to build up store credit so I can get the new things they need), if it’s in good condition it goes to charity and if it’s really past it we re-use it for cleaning rags and craft projects.

After moving house multiple times in the last few years and moving into a house with ONE built in cupboard outside of the kitchen we’ve seriously reduced our stash but these are the things I can honestly say there will always be space in our home for:

  1. The Wondersuit our little boy came home from hospital in
  2. The pram blanket my partner bought before he was born
  3. The knit blanket my best friend bought for our baby-shower (you can see it was eaten by moths and then repaired, I was devastated!)
  4. The pair of Supra sneakers our other best friend bought for the new baby (never worn, totally impractical but sentimental all the same!)Henrik Vibskov Baby Supra Sneakers Baby

I think that’s a pretty good effort! Out of all the amazing clothes they’ve owned we’ve kept very little, we have photographs (thank goodness for cloud storage) and of course memories but for the most part the physical item didn’t need to be held on to forever!


How about you, what does your baby’s ‘forever’ box look like?

September 11, 2016 — Kiri Gorter

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