Hi! I’m Frances. I’m a big fan of Use-Ta!, so I’m super happy to be writing this. I’ve got two kidlets – a boy who is 8 and a little Miss 4 – and I love dressing them in the best clothes for their own unique styles, without breaking my budget. Did I mention I’ve got two polar opposites to contend with? My Mr 8 likes wearing zany costume pieces or old-fashioned clothes like button-up shirts, waistcoats and flat caps, while Miss 4 is all about super girly bright clashing colours and crazy cute prints.

Over the years I found that while there was sometimes a time and place for the fast (and usually super cheap) fashion found in chain stores, the clothes themselves were boring and poor quality. These clothes were not what my kids wanted. And they were not what I wanted either - they stained easily, didn’t wash well, and never lasted long enough to pass on to another kiddo.

I realised I was buying – and destroying - three pairs of cheap trackies for the same price as a quality pair that would last the same amount of time (or longer) and look better. But I didn’t have the money to buy brand-new designer stuff either.

That’s why I really started to look at the ways I could make my kids’ clothes more sustainable, affordable, wearable and individual. There are some tricks to finding what you need, but once you get the hang of sourcing good quality, second-hand garments your kids will love their clothes, you’ll save money and you’ll be able to feel good about reducing wasted resources.


August 10, 2022 — Kiri Gorter

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