Buying with Use-Ta!

What if the size isn't right or my child doesn't like it?

At Use-Ta! we know it can be tricky to get it right- sizes vary from brand to brand and kids can be unpredictable in their tastes,  that's why we allow returns and exchanges up to a week from the day you receive the item or buy it in store. You can find our store policies here.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

We usually dispatch orders within two days and use Australia Post or Sendle so most orders are delivered within a week, however, if you really need something by a particular date we recommend you select Express Post at checkout, or opt to collect your order in-store (you can check our trading hours here). If you'd like more details you can read our Shipping Policies here.


Selling with Use-Ta!

Some of my items weren't accepted- what's up with that?

As you can imagine, we get a lot of stock coming through our doors so we have to be selective about what we take. As a general rule, if we don't think we can sell it, we won't take it. Our team is trained as if they are retail buyers in a regular store- it has nothing to do with our personal taste, we know what has sold well in the past and what hasn't worked for our customers. We also keep tabs on stock levels so we're not over or understocked in any particular size or category. Sometimes it's just not the right season or we're in a blackout month. We're always happy to discuss our consignment and trade policies, you can find out more here.

I really want to sell at Use-Ta! but I live too far away- can you accept stuff by post?

We absolutely can accept stock that's posted to us at 703 High Street, Thornbury 3071, however, you may want to give us a call or email beforehand so we can send you the relevant agreement to sign and make sure your items are worth Australia Post's exorbitant rates! We don't send back unsuitable or unsold items unless you agree to pay for postage, so if you would like unsold items returned please let us know. If you need general information about how the consignment process works check out the Sell tab of our website.

I had some items that didn't sell- can I bring them back and try again?

Our customers like to see something new every time they visit which is why we return items that haven't sold in the consignment period. If you're happy to wait at least six months then we can revisit items that have been returned to you. However we reserve the right to elect not to take them.