1. Treat someone to a gorgeous preloved outfit

Santa goes by the classic rhyme at our house: 'something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read' and thanks all of the great resale stores in Melbourne, the whole family is covered for the 'wear' category! Try Recycle Boutique for men's wear, Mutual Muse for women's and pop in to Use-Ta! for babies and kids.

2. Reusable wrapping


Forget single-use wrapping paper, repurpose silk scarves that aren't getting worn by embracing the Japanese art of Furoshiki. If you really want to use paper, reuse brown paper that breaks down easily in compost.

3. Buy secondhand toys

Check out Gumtree or Facebook marketplace for toys, bikes and even video games. Kids outgrow toys just as fast as they do clothing, so there are heaps of great bargains to be found. It's heaps more sustainable, plus your money goes to another family to make their Christmas better. 

4. Up-cycle for the win

Re-purpose crockery from op shops to make plant holders, or bake some gingerbread and pop it on a cool vintage plate for a cheap but lovely gift.christmas iced biscuits

5. Don't forget something to read

One of my favourite things to browse in op shops is books. From picture books to autobiographies, there's never a shortage of variety and as long as they're in great condition preloved books make excellent presents.

6. Give the gift of a more stylish home

Unique home decor can be tracked down to suit any taste. Chapel Street bazaar is a good place to start or turn your Christmas shopping into a fun day trip at Castlemaine Bazaar.

7. Make plant babies

Propagate plant cuttings, like Mother-in-Law's tongue, Devil's Ivy and succulents. It's easier than you might think and everyone loves plants! 


8. Get thrifty with your decorations

Christmas decorations are a great thing to buy secondhand, most op shops bring out their Christmas stock in November so start early and build your collection.

9. 'Tis the season to ask a neighbour

f you're catering for extra guests, don't run out and buy brand new plates and cutlery, join your local Good Karma Group or Buy, Sell, Swap on Facebook and see if your neighbours can lend or even give you some.

10. Re-Gift!

Re-gift the random presents you were given last year! It goes without saying that this should be done with caution so as not to offend the original gift giver. There's bound to be at least one present tucked away in a cupboard that you just didn't love, but hey, maybe the next recipient will adore it!

It's also a fantastic time to find new homes for the things in your house you've been thinking about letting go. Donate to your local opshop, give things away on Buy-Sell-Swaps and Good Karma Groups, or consign with specialty resale stores like Use-Ta! Looking for ways to reuse, rather than heading to the shopping centre will definitely get you on the 'Good' list. I'd love to hear your ideas for Christmas!

December 02, 2019 — Kiri Gorter


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