How to spook up your wardrobe without buying more synthetic stuff: DIY Halloween costumes 

Aussies love to embrace different cultures and traditions and Halloween is no exception. Whilst we’ve managed to put a ‘gory’ spin on Halloween (as opposed to our American friends who use it as an opportunity to dress up as anything), we’ve definitely embraced the community aspect by trick or treating with our neighbours.  

Kids love dressing up at Halloween (well, duh who isn’t motivated by lollies!) but one thing that’s not so great about Halloween is all those cheap synthetic costumes that will likely end up in landfill. So, we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to get your spook on this Halloween with items you already have at home. All you need is some makeup and a bit of imagination! 


We love this one because it’s so easy! Start with black pants and top. Using white duct tape simply stick on strips to look like bones. Bonus points if it’s reflective tape and you’ll be trick or treating in the dark! You could get super fussy with this one and make the strips rounded on the ends to look like bones or use hot glue to stick white material onto an old black outfit, but we think that the duct tape strips like this one from And We Play are just as effective! 

Fortune Teller 

Scarves and layers are all you’ll need for this one. The more the better! Start with any t-shirt and skirt (or even pants or leggings would do the job). Add a scarf or two around your head and waist, chains or costume jewellery and a bit of makeup. To finish it off, wrap a small ball in foil or paper then your little fortune teller will be ready to predict the future. 



Who could pass up the easiest costume there is? You could go the traditional sheet with two eye holes cut out, but why not go for a slightly more practical, yet just as easy version like this one from Poofy Cheeks. Cut a hole in a sheet for your child’s head to fit all the way through and use a bit of makeup to finish off your spooky ghost! 


This is another easy costume using a sheet or any old white material. Tear up strips of the material, tie them together and wrap away! A great tip from Nellie Bellie is to soak the material in coffee for that slightly I’ve-been-dead-for-a-thousand-years look. 



Nothing is scarier than a spider! Such a simple idea, but this one will require some preparation. So, don’t leave this one to the last minute! A black beanie, leggings and top is all you need to create your base. Then you can create the spider’s eyes and legs. This idea from Make it, Love it is fun, but if you can’t find the oversized pipe cleaners, use some black socks or stockings stuffed with newspaper and then tie them to each other. 


Another great take on the spider is a spider’s web. Whilst this version from Pretty Plain Janes uses white felt, any old white t-shirt or sheet would do. You could even take the easy option and draw the spider web lines with texta. Add a little spider and you’re done. Simple but super effective! 


Zombie anything 

And finally, if you’re kid doesn’t like dressing up but still wants to feel like part of the fun, you can turn to the Zombie. They can wear any clothes which means they can be super comfortable. All you’ll need is some makeup to perfect that Zombie look. Use a white base and black eyeshadow and if you’re feeling creative add some fake blood and scars. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial you can use 


So, if you plan on joining some spooky fun this Halloween, we challenge you to come up with your own DIY ideas with things you have at home. Make sure you tag us on Instagram @use_ta so we can see your spooky creations! 

October 07, 2019 — Kiri Gorter


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