One of the things about Use-Ta! that motivated me to start this business and continues to inspire me is the idea that we can reduce the demand for cheap clothing by keeping the clothes that already exist in circulation. A huge element of this is looking after clothes. In the good old days people would buy just a few items, wash them carefully and when things broke they would take the time to fix them instead of replacing them. In the store I spend time re-attaching buttons, patching holes and re-sewing undone seams (to be fair, I outsource some of these tasks to other businesses in the area because I am not exactly the best seamstress.) I feel like this is a lost art, something people feel they have no time for or simply don’t know how to do so I thought I would share a great resource I recently came across. iFixit is a website that offers how-to guides on repairing household items and clothing,

Fixing things is seriously rewarding, gives you the warm-fuzzies about treasuring the things you’ve worked hard to pay for and it’s awesome for the environment. I highly recommend you get involved!

March 10, 2015 — Kiri Gorter

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