Use-Ta! takes almost all of the hard work out of re-selling your out-grown kids clothing but there are still a few things you can do to make sure your items sell quickly!


  1.       Select the best of the best!

We sort through items on the spot at Use-Ta! but if you go through everything beforehand this process is much quicker so you don’t have to wait around. If something has an obvious stain, is damaged or obviously well-worn then chances are we won’t take it. Think about whether or not the item is suitable for the current season as the store can’t take items that won’t sell in the consignment period. Reputable brands and clothes with a bit of personality sell fast, which is good for everybody! Ask yourself- if my child was this size, would I buy this item in its current condition?



  1.       Wash and iron items before you bring them in.

If clothing has been in storage for a little while it tends to get that funny smell about it- we prefer clothing that smells like fresh linen, has been pressed and looks shop-floor-ready. If you bring something in that needs attention it may incur a cleaning fee and it will take longer for it to reach the shop floor where customers are waiting to buy it!



  1.       Tell your friends!

The success of the store is shared with all of our consignment clients—if you tell your friends where they can buy these lovely pre-loved kids’ clothes then they might end up buying something of yours, or a friend of theirs will. When you’re in store ask for some flyers to pop up at Childcare, take a business card or share the website on Facebook.

Use-Ta! wouldn’t work without our amazing consignees sharing their kid’s treasures and we all have the same aim- to find new homes for the clothing that has served our children well (and to make a little cash!). By using these tips we’re all winners!

May 05, 2015 — Kiri Gorter

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