Thank goodness it's time to say goodbye to the stifling hot days of summer and cruise into the new season. This time of year can bring some seriously unpredictable weather so the key word for your little one's autumn wardrobe is layering. If you're going for a capsule style wardrobe, pick a colour family (neutrals like beige and khaki, brights and primary colours or pastels like soft pink and green) to make sure everything goes together.  Pick out a mix of solid colours and prints to add a little fun and flavour!

Here are some essential items to get your little person through Autumn in style:

  • A great, lightweight jacket- it's too soon for a heavy parka but a cool breeze or an early morning stroll definitely warrants a windbreaker, denim jacket or puffer vest.


  • Mid-weight jumpers- there are heaps of great mid weight jumpers out there. Look for fabrics like french terry, the looped underside of the fabric is insulating and comfortable but still lightweight, or a great cotton knit.
  • A bunch of long sleeve tees and dresses- Think 100% cotton so if you end up layering over the top your little one's body doesn't get sweaty.
  • Tights, leggings and undershirts- pretty much the ultimate in usefulness.  Just a thin extra layer can make all the difference in coziness.
    • Rainwear- Don't get cabin fever just because it's raining, do as the Danish do and invest in some good quality rain-wear and enjoy the muddy puddles!


      March 01, 2018 — Kiri Gorter

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