Eco-conscious ideas for when you’re out and about!


I’ve been busy researching lots of ways that Use-Ta! can join in the movement away from single use plastic bags, you might have noticed we're not buying new shopping bags anymore as we have more than enough existing ones to offer our customers. Finding out more about the impact of producing shopping bags (paper and plastic) got me thinking about all the ways in which we can make a small difference to our environment, just by being prepared and organised.

Here’s some ideas on how to turn any outing with your little ones into an eco-friendly adventure!


Take reusable bags


Most of us are pretty good at making sure we have our reusable bags with us when grocery shopping, I even have some stashed in the boot of my car. But what about when you make that impromptu purchase at the local op shop? Or the newsagent? Or the chemist? I’ve overcome this quandary by making sure I have one of those reusable bags that zip down and take up no room at all. I have one in every handbag!


Also think about the other types of plastic bags you may use whilst you’re shopping. Replace the small fruit and vegetable bags with reusable ones. And did you know that you can also buy bread bags? So, when you buy that fresh loaf of bread, skip on the plastic and use reusable!


Ditch the bottled water


Did you know that only 27% of plastic bottles are recycled? There is such an easy way to reduce this statistic - take your own when you’re out and about with your family. If you’re worried about lugging around heavy water bottles, purchase a smaller size bottle and only half fill it.


Forget the straws


One million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die each year from plastic pollution in our oceans. Although small, straws contribute to this statistic. We have been so accustomed to using straws that we don’t think twice about using them. Often drinks purchased in cafes or other shops are automatically brought to you with a straw, especially if it’s for a little one. But do you really need it? Any beverage can be drunk without one!


BYO Coffee cup


This one is a no-brainer! Over 1 billion takeaway coffee cups are used in Australia each year and over 90% end up in landfill. So why wouldn’t you BYO? They are so many gorgeous and designer options on offer, that you can get one to suit any personality.


Food options


With nude food an encouraged feature of many school lunchboxes these days, it’s a great sustainable practice to ditch packaged food and choose more natural options. Sandwiches can be wrapped in reusable wraps, buy in bulk and use containers for snacks, or fill your own reusable food pouch instead of buying prepackaged ones.


Think outside the box


With so many options available to us, think about all the unusual ways you could do your bit to save the planet whilst out with kids. What about packing your own cloth napkins instead of using takeaway paper ones, or taking your own cutlery with you? If you like the thought of disposing them after use, use compostable cutlery!


Being eco-conscious is not hard – you just need to be organised! Every little bit that we do to change our ways does make a difference. At Use-ta, we’re helping you to do your bit to choose a more sustainable lifestyle. Look out for our reusable bags when next in store, or better still, bring your own bag with you.


What are your tips for eco-friendly outings with the little ones? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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