If you've been following our socials this will come as no surprise, we recently shared that Use-Ta! has welcomed a new addition to the family! And yes, one of our staff members did have a lovely little bubba recently, but I'm talking today about our newest online store!
Cue the fireworks 🎆 and all the confetti!
We've opened Stella has a baby!

Stella has a baby is our newest online boutique for pregnancy and nursing clothing, accessories and goods!

Stella was born out of the need to help all the gorgeous mummas and pregnant people we see, searching for clothing that matches their ethos: to be socially conscious while looking totally gorgeous!

It can be so difficult when pregnant to follow secondhand first principles, you have baby to buy for, things can get out of hand quickly and budgets can blow out before you can say swaddle. 

Secondhand maternity fashions are either too drab, too out of style or just fit poorly. We want to change that. We know you want super beautiful fashionable clothing to make you feel good, and help this little planet at the same time! We feel you! 

We take clothing on consignment, just like at our Use-Ta store, and once we've got it pressed, styled and photographed it's ready to go online.

We look for chic and fashionable maternity wear that isn't going to cost the earth- who wants to pay $140 for a maternity dress? Are you kidding me? In this economy? 😬 Don't think so!

Reused highend fashion should definitely be normalised, and celebrated! 

Stella has a baby is always on the lookout for trendy maternity wear and goods that no longer have a use, please tell your friends to consider consignment as an option when decluttering-  it's money in the bank for them, and a second life for their fashion, its a no brainer! 

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in consigning, or want to know more about Stella has a baby, I'm happy to share!

Head on over to www.stellahasababy.com.au to check it out!

Til next time lovelies! xx Use-Ta!

August 14, 2021 — Kiri Gorter

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