It doesn't matter if you're getting ready to send your little one off to prep, or you're an old-hat when it comes to the school routine- getting back into it after the long summer break can be stressful!

There are bound to be hurdles on the first day (like missing shoes, or no fresh bread for sandwiches), but hopefully these tips will help get your family ready for the start of the school year.

  1. If your grade level has a Facebook or Whatsapp group- join it! Not only are these groups super handy to remind you of the special days you may have forgotten (ie. Footy Colours day, Crazy Hair Day, etc.) but they're great for connecting with other parents. 
  2. Wash the school backpack, lunch bags and containers. If you did this at the end of term last year, I bow down to you! If not, pick a lovely sunny day, chuck the empty bag through a gentle machine wash and freshen it up for the new year.  
  3. Start getting back into a rhythm with bed and wake-up times at least a week ahead- otherwise, the shock to the system of early mornings will leave the whole family exhausted! 
  4. If your little one is just starting their school journey, you might want to warm them up to the idea with some picture books about school, Readings Bookshop has a great list of titles and we've got a few options in store too! 
  5. If your little one is feeling anxious about changing classrooms, or making new friends, try to set up one or two playdates with their new classmates before school starts. Seeing at least one familiar face can be so reassuring!
  6. Try on your school uniforms in case you need to exchange or upsize anything. My kids seem to grow at turbo-speed over the school holidays, so it's always worth checking.
  7. Label EVERYTHING. Seriously. Water bottles, clothes, hats, stationery. Replacing lost items gets very frustrating (and expensive!) so improve the odds of having stuff come back to you. I like to put the kid's name as well as my phone number. You can order fancy name stamps, woven sew-in labels, stick or iron on tags, but I tend to use a permanent marker for school stuff because it's easy! 
  8. Layout an outfit for the first day the night before and double-check you have all of the lunchbox snacks you need. Anything you can do to prepare for the morning rush is beneficial!

Above all, be positive! Homeschooling last year has definitely taught me how much school enriches our children's lives so this year we're more excited than ever to get back into it! 

If you're in need of some last-minute clothes, accessories, bags or books, we've compiled a collection of back-to-school ready gear here

Wishing you and your kiddo the very best start to the school year!

January 19, 2021 — Kiri Gorter

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