This is my baby girl, Lyla. She is a total cutie and at 4-and-a-half months she's over 8 kilos. This means that she's rocking a size 0, which means that in 4-and-a-half months she's outgrown 3 different sizes and I don't know, probably a cubic metre of clothes? 

Being our second child we had a few items from number one stashed away that she wore briefly, but everything else had to be bought all over again, which has been a real treat because of Use-Ta!

Thanks to Use-Ta! she mainly wore french designers like Jacadi and Absorba for the first 3 months, and has now moved on to more contemporary indie labels like Minti and Bobo Choses 

Thanks to Use-Ta! we've spent a couple of hundred dollars on dressing her, it easily could have been triple that amount bought new and she has much nicer stuff than we could usually afford

Thanks to Use-Ta! all of those beautiful things she wore once, twice or not at all will find new families to enjoy them

Thanks to Use-Ta! there was no need for more cotton to be farmed, processed and woven, more workers required to sew the fabric, more fuel to transport those garments and more packaging to sell it

For all these reasons and more, I'm super passionate about the reuse of baby clothing and think our little pudding is proof that you can buy second-hand and still be totally fashionable and totally cute!

July 27, 2016 — Kiri Gorter

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