Tips and Tricks For Pulling Together A Great Maternity Wardrobe

Tips and Tricks For Pulling Together A Great Maternity Wardrobe

Having mixed feelings about clothing when you are pregnant is totally normal. On one hand, not wanting to spend a ton of cash on clothes – considering you are not going to be pregnant forever – but on the other hand, you’re wearing the same clothes over and over again so it would be kinda nice if you liked them. There’s no right or wrong way to dress a bump but there are a few ways to make it easier and build a killer maternity wardrobe.
5 Things to De-clutter Before School Starts!

5 Things to De-clutter Before School Starts!

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The start of the school year is fast approaching and while it's been lovely to spend quality family time together, I know in our family we're all going stir-crazy and really looking forward to the new term!

Before we get there, I am definitely feeling the urge to organise the house so we can hopefully keep the transition to school as stress-free as possible. 

Before I start any project it makes me feel better to write a list (classic procrastination technique!) so here goes, my top 5 areas that need to be de-cluttered and reorganised before the end of the school holidays:

1. The Tupperware Drawer

Every school has different expectations for school lunches and it might be worth sussing out what's the norm at your school. At the school that my son is going to this year, they have multiple eating breaks and also snack times where they eat at their desks. Apparently, this means that multiple containers are necessary. We have heaps of small containers, but seemingly not as many lids, so this is priority number one. Nothing is as frustrating as looking for missing lids! Same goes for waterbottles- matching them all up ahead of time will give me a chance to ditch the odds and ends and replace them with things that actually match. 

2. The Pantry and Freezer

Before I go crazy buying, baking and freezing school lunchbox snacks, our food storage needs a re-think. I'd love to have a specific spot in the pantry for snacks so when I write the shopping list it's easier to see what we have already. I would also like a dedicated place in the freezer for frozen muffins and slices because often things that go in our freezer end up at the back and never come out, which is super annoying when you've gone to the effort of actually cooking! 

3. The Entrance Hall

We have an entrance hall in our house with a 'shoe shelf', bag hooks and a sideboard for keys, coins and phones. This sounds great in theory, but actually, it quickly turns into a dumping ground for all of the random crap that comes into the house. Before I set it up with a spot for a backpack, school shoes and hat, it needs a deep clean (and maybe it's time to cull that shoe collection!). 

4. The Car

This might seem over the top, but school holiday activities have been tough on our poor little car and nothing makes you feel more like a proper, in control adult like a clean vehicle. I have a feeling that there's a treasure trove of hats, socks and shoes under the back seats and maybe even some of that missing Tupperware, so before school starts a full clean, inside and out, is on the list.

5. The Wardrobe

For the first time in my son's life, we're making room for a school uniform. I really want to encourage him to be independent and get himself dressed and ready for school. To make it easier for him we need to go through his stuff together, sell or donate the clothes he's grown out of and make one drawer a dedicated school uniform section. He hasn't tried on his new uniform yet, so I'd love him to do that before the first day so we have a chance to exchange ill-fitting items and wash the rest, ready to wear. Then we need to go through and make sure his socks are paired, his underwear is passable and he's not missing any important items. 

This is my first time as a primary school parent, so I'm SURE I'm missing some things- feel free to shoot me a comment if you have any awesome tips!


Why Pre-Loved is Better for Babies!

Why Pre-Loved is Better for Babies!


This is my baby girl, Lyla. She is a total cutie and at 4-and-a-half months she's over 8 kilos. This means that she's rocking a size 0, which means that in 4-and-a-half months she's outgrown 3 different sizes and I don't know, probably a cubic metre of clothes? 

Being our second child we had a few items from number one stashed away that she wore briefly, but everything else had to be bought all over again, which has been a real treat because of Use-Ta!

Thanks to Use-Ta! she mainly wore french designers like Jacadi and Absorba for the first 3 months, and has now moved on to more contemporary indie labels like Minti and Bobo Choses 

Thanks to Use-Ta! we've spent a couple of hundred dollars on dressing her, it easily could have been triple that amount bought new and she has much nicer stuff than we could usually afford

Thanks to Use-Ta! all of those beautiful things she wore once, twice or not at all will find new families to enjoy them

Thanks to Use-Ta! there was no need for more cotton to be farmed, processed and woven, more workers required to sew the fabric, more fuel to transport those garments and more packaging to sell it

For all these reasons and more, I'm super passionate about the reuse of baby clothing and think our little pudding is proof that you can buy second-hand and still be totally fashionable and totally cute!

July 27, 2016 — Kiri Gorter

How to make sure your consignment is a success!

Use-Ta! takes almost all of the hard work out of re-selling your out-grown kids clothing but there are still a few things you can do to make sure your items sell quickly!


  1.       Select the best of the best!

We sort through items on the spot at Use-Ta! but if you go through everything beforehand this process is much quicker so you don’t have to wait around. If something has an obvious stain, is damaged or obviously well-worn then chances are we won’t take it. Think about whether or not the item is suitable for the current season as the store can’t take items that won’t sell in the consignment period. Reputable brands and clothes with a bit of personality sell fast, which is good for everybody! Ask yourself- if my child was this size, would I buy this item in its current condition?



  1.       Wash and iron items before you bring them in.

If clothing has been in storage for a little while it tends to get that funny smell about it- we prefer clothing that smells like fresh linen, has been pressed and looks shop-floor-ready. If you bring something in that needs attention it may incur a cleaning fee and it will take longer for it to reach the shop floor where customers are waiting to buy it!



  1.       Tell your friends!

The success of the store is shared with all of our consignment clients—if you tell your friends where they can buy these lovely pre-loved kids’ clothes then they might end up buying something of yours, or a friend of theirs will. When you’re in store ask for some flyers to pop up at Childcare, take a business card or share the website on Facebook.

Use-Ta! wouldn’t work without our amazing consignees sharing their kid’s treasures and we all have the same aim- to find new homes for the clothing that has served our children well (and to make a little cash!). By using these tips we’re all winners!

May 05, 2015 — Kiri Gorter