Consignments 101

A big hello to our newest team member!


Introducing Mary!

Mary is an all-around angel, she will be filling in for Megan while she is on maternity leave, allowing us to make more consignment slots available for you!


Before you book into these new slots, let's chat about the do's and dont's of consignment appointments.


Let's chat about consignments!

Why did we decline some of your items?  We get this question a lot. And if you are asking, well, I’m your friendly neighbourhood consignment angel, and I’ll help you get answers!  


First Impressions last.

When you’ve given us your cherished items that you want to consign, we look at the brands first. Brands we love for their quality and uniqueness sell well. We look for those hot brands, cute brands, brands with a great ethos. Independent brands like Minti, Kapow Kids, Bobo Choses sell SO well. Brands with a great rep for sustainability, like Mini Rodini and DUNs of Sweden go down an absolute treat. Stocking great brands means we have stock customers enjoy! Do we take a particular brand? Our website has an extensive list you can check here:, have a look and you might find some brands you didn't even think of! 


The second thing we look for is condition. 

Is the item clean? Is it ripped or a little too well-loved? Is stitching coming apart near seams or are there some buttons missing?  We look over the items carefully because we can’t sell items that customers would need to fix- nobody wants to buy themselves another job to do! Chocolate and milk stains on baby clothes need to be left in the hand-me-down or donate pile. We want a customer to come in, see that gorgeous item your baby wore and go, 'oh my god, I am in love, I'll take it!'


Third thing, is it right for the season? 

We take consignments year-round and accept stock accordingly. In winter we accept coats and mittens and all things snuggly. In the summer months, we look for dresses and shirts, playsuits and flip flops. Some things we take all year round, like cardigans and jeans (because Melbourne!) We can’t take all the wonderful things you’re ready to offload at once if it isn’t the right season because we’d need much bigger storage space! So, when you pack your consignment package, look through it and edit out any out of season items, save them for later 


Here’s a small list of places you can donate to if you have specific items we can’t take.

These places share our commitment to the community.


Prams, household baby goods and accessories: Big Group Hug or St.Kilda Mums. 


Blankets and towels: The Barbàrra Centre- Remote Op Shop Project. Postal address: PMB 102, Winnellie. NT. Australia. 0822 or Lort Smith Animal Hospital

Clothes and blankets that are beyond rehoming: 

Upparel online, H&M or SCR Group


April 29, 2021 — Kiri Gorter

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