Working with St Kilda Mums

All about our work with St Kilda Mums! 




St Kilda Mums re-home baby equipment like prams, cots, car seats and secondhand clothing to thousands of families in need across Victoria each year.



At Use-Ta! we want to help them to keep doing all of their amazing work, so we've been delivering the items that haven't been sold in-store (with the ok of our generous consignors!)



Over the last two months, we've also become a voluntary drop-off point for locals with goods that they would like to donate but don't have the time or ability to trek over to Clayton.



If you have a pram, cot or carrier you would like to donate, please follow these easy steps:


 1. Check their website to see if your items are needed

2. Email St Kilda Mums at: with pictures of the items you would like to pass on

3. Wait for their reply, they will let you know if the item is useful to them and let you know where your nearest drop-off point is

4. If we're your local drop-off point, we'll email you back with info about our next collection weekend- it's usually the first weekend of the month

5. We'll take your items along with us when we deliver our monthly donations





Our commitment to St Kilda Mums

We share a lot of the same values as St Kilda Mums in that we're all about respecting each other, the earth and ourselves and that giving families a great start is so important for the whole community. We're so proud to be working with an organisation that has such amazing reach- In the 2019/20 financial year, they re-homed 61,318 items- 98% of which were donated! 



How you can help 

Donate! Donate your time, donate items, donate cash! The St Kilda Mums website has so much great information on how individuals can contribute to their amazing work. Another way you can help is to share their message, on social media, or just by telling a friend! 

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