Having mixed feelings about clothing when you are pregnant is totally normal. On one hand, not wanting to spend a ton of cash on clothes – considering you are not going to be pregnant forever – but on the other hand, you’re wearing the same clothes over and over again so it would be kinda nice if you liked them. There’s no right or wrong way to dress a bump but there are a few ways to make it easier and build a killer maternity wardrobe.

Tips and tricks to pulling together a great maternity wardrobe in an eco friendly and savvy way!


Many sites will tell you to go neutral and while this is sage advice, I think the key is to stay true to who you are. If you like black, white and grey – great. If you love pastels – wonderful. If you love colour and patterns go for gold.  If you’re trying to stay within a budget, it’s easier to go with what you are used to than try to have a whole new style. 




You probably already own some great stuff that can easily make it through your pregnancy. Cardigans, loose t-shirts, maxi-dresses and sweaters will often skate through three trimesters. Pull these items out and either pack the non-fitting stuff away or put it in a separate spot. Anything you’ve outgrown will just clutter up your closet and/or be depressing – you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.



This totally needs its own little section. Wearing  yoga pants throughout your entire pregnancy and after is wonderful. Comfort is paramount during and after pregnancy and nine times out of ten, yoga pants fit the bill.Basics also fit into this category Tank tops, t-shirts, leggings, etc. are fairly inexpensive and go a long way to making you feel like you’re changing your outfit day after day. Even if it’s just wearing the yellow tank instead of the blue. It matters dammit! 


Bonus points if your purchases can take you beyond pregnancy! The loose cardigan or kimono is a great accessory when you’re breastfeeding- something I totally did not think about with my first child. Those beautiful dresses I wore through pregnancy got replaced with overalls and other handy easily accessible items, without a zillion buttons! 



In this we should touch of fabrics- fabrics can make all the difference to being super comfy or hot, itchy and sweaty, totally not ideal when you are already at your most uncomfortable. It’s also what can make up the cost of an item. Here is a quick low down on some of the most popular fabrics used in maternity clothing- again it’s totally up to you and what you feel the best in. 


Cotton - is soft and breathes well, but is damaging to the environment. 

Rayon - Eco Friendly, biodegradable, and moisture absorbent (wahoo) but the chemicals used in manufacturing are highly toxic. 

Bamboo- Soft and durable, breathable however again not that awesome for the environment. 

Modal- Eco friendly, biodegradable and way more breathable than other fabrics, it’s also generally cheaper than cotton! 

Polyester - Stronger, lightweight and soft, however this will make you sweat and it’s not great for the environment.

Acrylic- it has a soft wooly feel, its colourfast and easy to clean but it’s itchy for some. 

Spandex- Ticks all my boxes for pregnancy- its stretchy, it retains its shape, its comfy but its not that breathable. 





If you have some cash to splurge, I would put it towards a great pair of jeans (or tailored pants) over that gorgeous dress that you’ll only wear once to your cousin’s wedding. Pregnancy doesn’t seem long to the outside world, but putting on a crappy pair of ill-fitting jeans that are falling apart day after day for months can really get to ya after a while. 




 Second hand everything forever!! Take pregnant friends and relatives up on maternity clothing offers. Things like jackets, blazers, and special occasion dresses are pricey and worn with less frequency so you can find some gems. Consignment stores like Use-Ta! often have a great range of maternity wear that has barely been worn. 

Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean feeling frumpy or sporting clothes resembling sacks! It also doesn’t mean losing your usual sense of style. If your statement piece is usually a scarf, bold jewellery or colourful tops, there is no reason to stop just because you’ve got a baby on board.

If you’re sporting a new bump then come and see us at Use-Ta! as we are now accepting and selling maternity wear.  


There really are no rules when it comes to dressing your bump. Be creative, comfortable and let your beautiful self shine.


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