The Things I Will Never De-Clutter

The Things I Will Never De-Clutter


 Use-Ta! is all about getting beautiful clothes out of your child’s wardrobe (or those storage tubs in the shed) and getting them back out there to find new little people to love them but it can be really hard to part with some things!

Mari Kondo fanatics and decluttering experts extol the virtues of de-cluttering, thanking items for their service and then letting them go and for the most part we follow this advice at home. As soon as something is too small out it goes- if it’s in fabulous condition and ready for a new home I sell it at Use-Ta! (both of my kids have their own accounts to build up store credit so I can get the new things they need), if it’s in good condition it goes to charity and if it’s really past it we re-use it for cleaning rags and craft projects.

After moving house multiple times in the last few years and moving into a house with ONE built in cupboard outside of the kitchen we’ve seriously reduced our stash but these are the things I can honestly say there will always be space in our home for:

  1. The Wondersuit our little boy came home from hospital in
  2. The pram blanket my partner bought before he was born
  3. The knit blanket my best friend bought for our baby-shower (you can see it was eaten by moths and then repaired, I was devastated!)
  4. The pair of Supra sneakers our other best friend bought for the new baby (never worn, totally impractical but sentimental all the same!)Henrik Vibskov Baby Supra Sneakers Baby

I think that’s a pretty good effort! Out of all the amazing clothes they’ve owned we’ve kept very little, we have photographs (thank goodness for cloud storage) and of course memories but for the most part the physical item didn’t need to be held on to forever!


How about you, what does your baby’s ‘forever’ box look like?

September 11, 2016 — Kiri Gorter
Love Use-Ta!? Work with us!

Love Use-Ta!? Work with us!

Spend all day looking at cute clothes and even cuter kids, work half-day shifts so you can juggle parent life and be part of a constantly evolving business!

We need someone who can work on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-5 and can handle the following responsibilities:

  • Talking to our lovely customers and consignment clients
  • Sorting, processing and displaying new stock
  • Processing sales, cashing up the till and general store admin
  • Posting your favourite things on Facebook or Instagram

Good knowledge of kids’ fashion brands is essential as is a great approach to selling and customer service. Reliability and initiative are important as you’ll be working solo most of the time. Some retail experience would be helpful, but not essential as long as you’re willing to learn and computer savvy.

If this sounds like a job you’d be perfect for pop in for a chat or send us an email at, we’d love to hear from you!

August 11, 2016 — Kiri Gorter
Why Pre-Loved is Better for Babies!

Why Pre-Loved is Better for Babies!


This is my baby girl, Lyla. She is a total cutie and at 4-and-a-half months she's over 8 kilos. This means that she's rocking a size 0, which means that in 4-and-a-half months she's outgrown 3 different sizes and I don't know, probably a cubic metre of clothes? 

Being our second child we had a few items from number one stashed away that she wore briefly, but everything else had to be bought all over again, which has been a real treat because of Use-Ta!

Thanks to Use-Ta! she mainly wore french designers like Jacadi and Absorba for the first 3 months, and has now moved on to more contemporary indie labels like Minti and Bobo Choses 

Thanks to Use-Ta! we've spent a couple of hundred dollars on dressing her, it easily could have been triple that amount bought new and she has much nicer stuff than we could usually afford

Thanks to Use-Ta! all of those beautiful things she wore once, twice or not at all will find new families to enjoy them

Thanks to Use-Ta! there was no need for more cotton to be farmed, processed and woven, more workers required to sew the fabric, more fuel to transport those garments and more packaging to sell it

For all these reasons and more, I'm super passionate about the reuse of baby clothing and think our little pudding is proof that you can buy second-hand and still be totally fashionable and totally cute!

July 27, 2016 — Kiri Gorter
Use-Ta!'s Newest Edition

Use-Ta!'s Newest Edition

As most of our regular customers know, the new baby has arrived! The lovely Lyla was born on the 6th of March and is happy, healthy and getting bigger by the second! She'll be helping out in the shop from time to time so pop in and meet her! 
April 14, 2016 — Kiri Gorter

We're back!

Hey there!

We're back from our holiday break! Japan was amazing but I'm always happy to be back at work (even if Melbourne is FREEZING right now)!

We're accepting consignments once again and now that Spring is approaching we're taking Summer items!

You may notice that the checkout cart is still disabled- this is just so we can make some minor improvements to the website- if there's an item you have your eye on please place a phone order (03 9939 5857) or email us at

Looking forward to seeing you! :)


August 06, 2015 — Kiri Gorter

Holiday Break

Hi there!

You may have noticed that there is no 'Checkout' available in our online store.

This is because we are taking a short break. 

We'll be back online on the 31st of July so we hope to see you then!

Thanks and have a great couple of weeks!



July 14, 2015 — Kiri Gorter
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How to make sure your consignment is a success!

Use-Ta! takes almost all of the hard work out of re-selling your out-grown kids clothing but there are still a few things you can do to make sure your items sell quickly!


  1.       Select the best of the best!

We sort through items on the spot at Use-Ta! but if you go through everything beforehand this process is much quicker so you don’t have to wait around. If something has an obvious stain, is damaged or obviously well-worn then chances are we won’t take it. Think about whether or not the item is suitable for the current season as the store can’t take items that won’t sell in the consignment period. Reputable brands and clothes with a bit of personality sell fast, which is good for everybody! Ask yourself- if my child was this size, would I buy this item in its current condition?



  1.       Wash and iron items before you bring them in.

If clothing has been in storage for a little while it tends to get that funny smell about it- we prefer clothing that smells like fresh linen, has been pressed and looks shop-floor-ready. If you bring something in that needs attention it may incur a cleaning fee and it will take longer for it to reach the shop floor where customers are waiting to buy it!



  1.       Tell your friends!

The success of the store is shared with all of our consignment clients—if you tell your friends where they can buy these lovely pre-loved kids’ clothes then they might end up buying something of yours, or a friend of theirs will. When you’re in store ask for some flyers to pop up at Childcare, take a business card or share the website on Facebook.

Use-Ta! wouldn’t work without our amazing consignees sharing their kid’s treasures and we all have the same aim- to find new homes for the clothing that has served our children well (and to make a little cash!). By using these tips we’re all winners!

May 05, 2015 — Kiri Gorter

Love your clothes!


One of the things about Use-Ta! that motivated me to start this business and continues to inspire me is the idea that we can reduce the demand for cheap clothing by keeping the clothes that already exist in circulation. A huge element of this is looking after clothes. In the good old days people would buy just a few items, wash them carefully and when things broke they would take the time to fix them instead of replacing them. In the store I spend time re-attaching buttons, patching holes and re-sewing undone seams (to be fair, I outsource some of these tasks to other businesses in the area because I am not exactly the best seamstress.) I feel like this is a lost art, something people feel they have no time for or simply don’t know how to do so I thought I would share a great resource I recently came across. iFixit is a website that offers how-to guides on repairing household items and clothing,

Fixing things is seriously rewarding, gives you the warm-fuzzies about treasuring the things you’ve worked hard to pay for and it’s awesome for the environment. I highly recommend you get involved!

March 10, 2015 — Kiri Gorter


Eeek! Haven't updated the old blog in a while-

When we last posted the Use-Ta! store was still a mess of smelly old carpet and dingy green walls. We're now officially open and have created a lovely space to browse and play.

We have had a great response to the consignment concept and have had some great items brought in for resale in particular for baby boys and girls.

We also now stock Green Toys from California -they're made of recycled milk bottles and are heaps of fun!

We'd love you to come and check out the store!


December 14, 2014 — Kiri Gorter

Use-Ta! Begins

Use-Ta! is almost ready to begin!
Final negotiations are under way to lease our very own shop in Northcote, the web-store is almost up and running and beautiful inventory is stacked on every available surface of my lounge room and laundry. Can't wait until it's out of my home and into the shop!
We have treasures just waiting to find new kids to wear them and a beautiful store in our imaginations ready to be built. All we need now is the green light and it's go, go, go!
Stay tuned for progress photos!
June 15, 2014 — Kiri Gorter